Shadow Play 3SIXLP005


Pressing Information

How to order:
Simply add the record to your cart as normal. Payment will be taken immediately and once 100 orders have been made, the record will cease to be on sale and the record will be sent to the pressing plant to be made.

How long will it all take?
The record will be on sale from Friday 3rd October 2014 at 3:00pm UTC+1 (UK time). It will be listed until the 3rd November 2014 or until 100 copies of the record have been sold. If 100 copies have not sold after this time, then you will be refunded in full and the record will be cancelled. If enough people order, then the record will go ahead and be pressed. It will take 6-8 weeks for the record to be manufactured and once I receive it back, it will then be sent to you. The sooner the record sells-out, the sooner it will go to press!

Why are you going the crowd-funding route? Why not use kickstarter?
The vinyl music climate has changed. Increased production and especially shipping costs mean that vinyl is unfortunately too expensive for many customers to continue to purchase. As a result, it becomes riskier for labels and artists to press, as they cannot accurately gauge exactly how many copies will sell. Going through the crowd-funding route takes away the risk and means that I can get the records to the people who really want them. Kickstarter take a 15% percentage from all sales, which means I would have to increase the price further to accommodate for this. I'd rather just do it directly, with more control over the entire process and no additional fees for both you and me.

Isn't it a little expensive?
The total cost of manufacturing the record is approximately £1850. That's £18.50 per record before any Paypal/merchant fees. I only use the highest-quality sleeves, with the best finish/ink available. The records weigh 140g each. It includes a spot varnish for the gate-fold sleeves, which although looks spectacular, is also very expensive. Postage is unfortunately high due to the weight of the record (700g each, after packaging materials) and there is nothing I can do to lower the cost of this. I will not be making much/any profit on this release and it is being made exclusively for the fans as a passion project. Think of it as owning a piece of art, made for you, with your name on it.

Will any copies be made available for general sale afterwards?
Sometimes manufacturers press a couple of extra records over the run the customer asks for, but not always. Sometimes they even press less. If any extra copies are made, they will be kept back for a month or two as backups in case any records go missing/damaged in the post. If after this time there are any spare, then I will list them for sale. If this is the case, then there will literally be about 5 or so records (if that) and your name won't be included on the artwork, so please don't rely on this if you want a copy. If the Dream Tempest vinyl was any indication, then these will sell out in about 5 minutes too.

How will it be packaged?
I use the strongest thick cardboard (not thin UK style crap) mailers, with 2 stiffener boards surrounding the record. I hate bent sleeves as much as you and they will be well-packaged so you receive them undamaged.

Why is the track order slightly different compared to the original CD release?
So that each vinyl side doesn't exceed 13 minutes and the brighter-sounding tracks are closer to the outside-edge of the record. The longer the duration on any side of vinyl, the quieter the music will be, which means more surface noise and loss of resolution. It doesn't spoil the flow in any way and will make the record sound better!

What else do you need from me?
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that the name listed on your Paypal account is yours, as this is what I will be using when I add your name to the list of backers on the inside-sleeve artwork! I cannot change this once it has been sent to press, so take a second to ensure it is right! Your email address will be added to a temporary mailing list, which I will use to communicate and keep you up to date with how the press is going. This mailing list will be deleted after the order has been shipped and will be used exclusively for this project. Nothing else. You can even un-subscribe from it, but I don't recommend that.


"After finishing Lithea in January 2012, I had completely burnt myself out from making music, both physically and creatively. I took a year out and made no tunes at all during this time. Around January 2013, I bought some new gear, invested time in my studio, removed all distractions around me and started work on what would eventually be a new 36 album. I got myself into the mind frame I did when I quit my day job 5 years ago and started work on my début, Hypersona; no expectations, no pressure, no bullshit. Just making music for fun again. 6 months later, "Shadow Play" was finished. I think it includes some of the best pieces of music I have worked on and I'm excited that people can finally hear it" - 36


  1. Shadow Play
  2. Ofelia
  3. Dawnspace
  4. Breathless
  5. Ascension
  6. Eclipse
  7. Silhouette
  8. Heather Spa (Edit)
  9. Dangerous Days