Shadow Play 3SIXCD005

"After finishing Lithea in January 2012, I had completely burnt myself out from making music, both physically and creatively. I took a year out and made no tunes at all during this time. Around January 2013, I bought some new gear, invested time in my studio, removed all distractions around me and started work on what would eventually be a new 36 album. I got myself into the mind frame I did when I quit my day job 5 years ago and started work on my début, Hypersona; no expectations, no pressure, no bullshit. Just making music for fun again. 6 months later, "Shadow Play" was finished. I think it includes some of the best pieces of music I have worked on and I'm excited that people can finally hear it" - 36

Pressing Information

4pp CD digipak, in silk finish. Includes bonus track.

The bundle package includes CD copies of all the main 36 albums, minus Hollow.


  1. Shadow Play
  2. Ofelia
  3. Dawnspace
  4. Breathless
  5. Ascension
  6. Eclipse
  7. Silhouette
  8. Heather Spa (Edit)
  9. Dangerous Days